Character intro: Jo-Ann

female-icon-7882This is the last post I’ll introduce one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series.

Jo-Ann is visiting from London. Not much is known about Jo-Ann. She keeps to herself and can blend in with any group when needed. When she wants, she turns heads, other times no-one will notice her in a crowd.

Jo-Ann’s favorite food could be anything and she drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. She might like to go out and dance, but as with everything about her, it’s not something she will confirm. As far as the people who met her are could tell she’s a classy lady with a raw edge. Or a slut with a giddy streak. Or a sweetheart with a weird mind. It depends on who you ask.

Character intro: Abdul Hamid Mikhail

male-icon-7920Today I will introduce one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series.

Abdul, 25 years old, lives in Al Bari, a few hundred kilometers south from Du Bois. He has saved up for a vacation to Du Bois. At home, he works as a farmer on his family’s patch of land. His specialty is soil composition and can grow almost anything anywhere.
Abdul has three sisters and four brothers. He lives with his family in the suburbs of Al Bari. At home an arranged marriage is waiting for him.

Abdul likes things to be normal. He is not afraid to try something new and has an open look on life. His favorite food is Hummus with flatbread. His favorite drink is plain water. When the opportunity presents itself Abdul like to watch a movie or live music. He does not have a favorite band since bands come and go in Al Bari.

Character intro: Meryam Abadi

female-icon-7882Today I will introduce another one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series. Meryam works as a farmer in the Du Bois city farm. She is 21 years old and started farming at 10. She got the knack for growing and harvesting from both her parents. She is now the lead farmer for the day shift at level 6 of the farm.

Meryam lives with her parents. She has a younger brother, Ismael, and an older sister named Aysa. Once she’s married she will move out into an apartment of her own with her new husband.
Meryam has been looking for love since she hit puberty. So far, the boyfriends she had were not up to her standards.

Meryam’s favorite food is kebab on a skewer. Her favorite drink is farm made watermelon juice. Meryam likes to enjoy herself and sees work as a way to make a living. She likes going to the movies. She prefers the romantic comedies but will watch anything not too gruesome.
Her only regret is that she’s too picky in what her perfect man should be.


Character Intro: Ismael Abadi

male-icon-7920Today I will introduce one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series. Ismael is one of the Du Bois guards. At 18 years of age, he’s been training and working with the guards for a long time.
He specializes in his role as sniper and detective. His keen eye and quick wits help him in seeking out the truth. He can be impatient though and even when his assumptions are true, he forgets to check them often.

Ismael lives, together with his sister Meryam, with his parents. He will live there until he has found a wife or gains the status needed to afford an apartment for himself. For now, his work is his life and he is not looking for love.
His favorite food is garlic linguini, his favorite drink is soy milk. He does not go out except for dinner. When he’s off duty he reads about warfare tactics and seeks out knowledge about anything related to his work.
His one regret is having to take lives to protect the people of Du Bois.

Bootcamp breakthrough

“Gimme forty!”
“Sir yes sir!”
All twenty thousand troopers drop down and start their push-ups. The drill sergeant looks pleased at the men working hard to get fit for their mission. He walks over to a group at the edge of the barracks. They seem slower than the rest.
“What’s wrong with you dumb asses!” he yells.
“But it’s cold here,” one of them complains.
The sergeant does feel the cold seeping in from outside. The general could be going commando again. He wishes he doesn’t do that, it makes it hard for him to get the soldiers ready.
“Suck it up and pick up the pace,” he says, “that’ll make you warmer.”
He walks over to the compound communication system. His men inside the barracks must have the best possible care to survive the hardships of battle. They all know it’s a suicide mission, but only one has to make it. That would change the world. Continue reading

How to keep on writing – 5 tips and a back-up plan

It has been hours since you touched the keyboard. The only movement you make it to keep the computer from sleeping. On screen is a blank page and an angry cursor blinking at you. You know you have to write something, anything. But what? What should you write?

I have read a lot about writer’s block. Some people say that it is something you have to learn to live with, others say you have to power on and see what it will bring you. In this post I’d like to give some tips on what helps me to keep the writer’s block away.
If you happen to have another profession than writer, don’t worry. These tips can help you with any type of work where you have to focus and produce something.

Continue reading

Super short story – Toilet frights

It’s been a while since I moved. My butt hurts. Maybe if I move just a bit. Yes, this works. But now I’ve made a sound and he starts calling me again. I’ve turned off the light so he can’t see I’m in here. If I’m lucky he gets bored and moves off, but that never happens. It’s like he knows I’m trapped here and I can’t get out without him attacking me. But he can’t get inside, that’s my only relief.

Last time he cut open my legs. I was in a rush and opened the door before pulling up my pants. He got me bad. It is healing, but there will be scars. The time before that he held my pants down, just to see how I would react. It took all of my coaxing to make him let go so I could dress myself. Visiting the toilet isn’t something you’re looking forward to. Knowing you will be attacked or bullied after you’re done doesn’t help.

Lately I’ve been planning my sanitary visits. Most of the time I go at work. Number two can be planned like that. Peeing is less suitable for planning. I drink less at home, keeping my bladder empty to avoid the hassle. At the weekends, I visit a lot of friends. They haven’t noticed yet, but every time I come by, I visit the toilet first. I hope they don’t mind. It got me over my anxiety over pooping on other people’s toilets.

There is a way for me to use the toilet at home without the risk of being attacked. I could just sneak into the hallway and close all doors behind me. That worked once. I do try, but after several failed attempts I’m not as committed as I should be. He is too fast for me and I don’t want to hurt him. I’m not like that.
It’s been 15 minutes now. My ass is numb and my phone is dead. I have nothing left to delay the inevitable. First I pull up my pants. I flushed before, but once more is always better. I turn on the light and wash my hands. Using the small towel next to the wash stand I dry my hands. This is it.

I crack open the door. A curious head peeks in, looking up at me. He’s so cute… He jumps, sets his nails in my upper legs and climbs up into my arms. It hurts, more wounds to add to the old ones. I hold him close as he nestles against my chest. He starts purring.

I love my cat.