Character intro: Meryam Abadi

female-icon-7882Today I will introduce another one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series. Meryam works as a farmer in the Du Bois city farm. She is 21 years old and started farming at 10. She got the knack for growing and harvesting from both her parents. She is now the lead farmer for the day shift at level 6 of the farm.

Meryam lives with her parents. She has a younger brother, Ismael, and an older sister named Aysa. Once she’s married she will move out into an apartment of her own with her new husband.
Meryam has been looking for love since she hit puberty. So far, the boyfriends she had were not up to her standards.

Meryam’s favorite food is kebab on a skewer. Her favorite drink is farm made watermelon juice. Meryam likes to enjoy herself and sees work as a way to make a living. She likes going to the movies. She prefers the romantic comedies but will watch anything not too gruesome.
Her only regret is that she’s too picky in what her perfect man should be.