Character Intro: Ismael Abadi

male-icon-7920Today I will introduce one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series. Ismael is one of the Du Bois guards. At 18 years of age, he’s been training and working with the guards for a long time.
He specializes in his role as sniper and detective. His keen eye and quick wits help him in seeking out the truth. He can be impatient though and even when his assumptions are true, he forgets to check them often.

Ismael lives, together with his sister Meryam, with his parents. He will live there until he has found a wife or gains the status needed to afford an apartment for himself. For now, his work is his life and he is not looking for love.
His favorite food is garlic linguini, his favorite drink is soy milk. He does not go out except for dinner. When he’s off duty he reads about warfare tactics and seeks out knowledge about anything related to his work.
His one regret is having to take lives to protect the people of Du Bois.