Welcome at Theo van Lieshout publishing

Welcome at Theo van Lieshout publishing

Here you will find all of my new work and the work from authors I publish.

Volume one of my first series, Dr. D., is already available at Amazon.com. Volume two is being written as we speak. There will also be a free prequel available as soon as possible. You will find that book here as well as in the various online bookstores. When the books are ready, I’ll post them here for you. Series specific content is being posted on the series website: drdseries.com.

In the mean while, please see my free ultra short stories. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive updates and new stories as I post them.

I am also in a partnership with Titou, a lifestyle blog with information about sugar-free diets and other lifestyle tips. The books there will be available through this website as soon as they have been converted, so stay tuned for that too. Visit the blog (currently only in Dutch) here: www.titou.nl.

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