I haven’t been very active online the last few months. It does have a lot of reasons, mainly my move to another city and the remodeling of our house. But also because I have been working on a new series.

The series is set in the future, and a bleak one at that. The world has come to an end. At least that is how you would see it.
A cataclysmic event plunged the world into an ice age, lowering the global temperature. The seas retreated and the ice caps grew in size. Most of the northern countries are covered in ice leaving the people no option but to move south. Global communications are down to almost nothing. There is no internet…

Close to the ice in Northern Europe is a town where people are still free to do and think as they like. Du Bois, a steel fortress build upon a rural town, fights off the religious warlords of the south to keep their own values and believes. The democratic society endures. But for how long?

I’m calling the series “Frozen Apocalypse” and the first book will be about Du Bois. The main characters, Ismael, Jo-Ann and Abdul, play a major part in the continued survival of the town, whether they like it or not.Frozen Apocalypse book 1 mock-up