I’ve been writing the first book in the Frozen Apocalypse series for a while and I’m more than halfway through. So it was time for me to get some reactions.
I generated a few beta versions (currently on beta 4) for fans to read and give feedback on. To give you some perspective on what’s coming these are some of the responses I got.

“I want to read more of it! It really grabs me and I want to know how it ends.”

“It’s like a story set in a time before the ‘Mad Max’ series! I love it!”

“It’s too gruesome for me to read on, but it would fit a different audience. One that doesn’t mind torture and graphic language.”

Of course, there are still some bugs to work out. So were the ages I thought of when I started the book all wrong and inconsistent. Also, I made the ground around Du Bois toxic, which makes no sense at all. So there and a few more errors have been fixed.

One other thing I changed is that I made the book longer. The story wasn’t finished where I initially stopped and it needed some more to become the story it’s supposed to be. So I added 4 chapters and shuffled some paragraphs around. As I write on it probably will change again, but the target is now set on 80.000 words.

If you want to become a beta reader, let me know. I have room for a few more readers to check out the story before it hits the virtual shelves.

One last thing: If you don’t know Mad Max, check out the movies below on Amazon.com. A must see for post apocalypse lovers.