Du Bois

Du Bois eBook coverSet in a time when the temperature dropped and the ice came south. War ravaged the world and parts have been cut off. Most cities lie in ruin and are ruled by power hungry warlords.
One of the last surviving towns north is Du Bois, once a rural town in what was then the Netherlands, now a metal fortress of peace. But how long will the peace last?

Meet Ismael, a city guard with a knack for solving puzzles and a steady hand. See what he has to endure to keep his home town free.

Abdul, a visitor from the big metropolis down south, has to find out how to live in a town where everything is possible and nothing is feared. What will Du Bois have in store for him?

The first book in the Frozen Apocalypse series, a post-apocalyptic saga about surviving in a world where the ice rules and religion gives power.

This book is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2017 and will be available on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and right here on this website. Subscribe on the right to keep up to date with new posts.