Character intro: Abdul Hamid Mikhail

male-icon-7920Today I will introduce one of the main characters in my new book Du Bois in the Frozen Apocalypse series.

Abdul, 25 years old, lives in Al Bari, a few hundred kilometers south from Du Bois. He has saved up for a vacation to Du Bois. At home, he works as a farmer on his family’s patch of land. His specialty is soil composition and can grow almost anything anywhere.
Abdul has three sisters and four brothers. He lives with his family in the suburbs of Al Bari. At home an arranged marriage is waiting for him.

Abdul likes things to be normal. He is not afraid to try something new and has an open look on life. His favorite food is Hummus with flatbread. His favorite drink is plain water. When the opportunity presents itself Abdul like to watch a movie or live music. He does not have a favorite band since bands come and go in Al Bari.